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Adam Young

Good Omens

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About Him

Grew up… as an only child in the English village of Tadfield. His childhood has been idyllic thus far, consisting of making up games and running amok with his three best friends, and home in time for dinner with his mom and dad.

Living… in the end times. Adam isn’t clued into the bigger picture, but Armaggedon is on its way, and fast. He can sense it, though—something feels different, and he’s got some new abilities he never had before.

Profession… Antichrist. As your typical 11 year old, Adam doesn’t work, but the forces of the universe suddenly seem to be working for him. He can float and make things appear and more, now that the apocalypse is only a week away. No one is explaining any of this, but he takes it remarkably in stride.

Interests… playing pretend, stealing apples, and reading conspiracy magazines. That last one is new, since the witch who gave him the magazines just moved to town. Adam is fascinated, though, and is eating up theories about the lost island of Atlantis and peace-loving extraterrestrials.

Relationship Status… single; he’s only 11 years old. The most important people in his life are Pepper, Brian, and Wensleydale, his three best friends; and his dog, whom he named Dog.

Challenge… dealing with becoming the Antichrist. His friends are getting weirded out, the world might be destroyed, and it’s all up to Adam to either fulfill his destiny or forge a new path, one that leads to a better world.
Personality… confident, intelligent, and curious. Adam is the leader of his friend group and he’s used to getting his way, but he is intrigued by new information, and is easily swayed by moral arguments. Although he’s headstrong, he also knows that his friends’ feelings are important, and he tries to respect that even while he’s swept along in the unfolding chaos of the end of the world.

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