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Adam Sackler


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Living… in a New York City bachelor pad, utilized primarily for his increasingly kinky love-making and woodworking experiments. But he isn’t married to it. He was even willing to move in with Hannah for a time, and was heartbroken to find out she had taken her now-gay-ex-boyfriend Elijah as a roommate.

Profession… actor. Adam depends on Hannah’s support for his initially experimental and impenetrable theatrical productions. He eventually finds increased success, getting a Broadway callback for Major Barbara. His newfound public attention causes tension between him and Hannah. She preferred him much more when he was a complete unknown, carving things out of wood and covering himself in sweat.

Interests... sex. Adam is renowned for his dirty mind, dirty talk, and skills in the sack. He will threaten to tie you to his bed and keep you there for three days, but in a charming way. He’s very laissez-faire in matters of lust and knows the rules of the game. His benchmark for love: “Six months or until someone stops having fun.”

Relationship Status... on and off with Hannah Horvath. Adam insisted on being nothing more than friends with benefits for the longest time, but eventually found himself becoming attached to Hannah. The constant mind games they play with each other complicate their courtship. He is interested, she is over it, then vice versa. He has feelings for Hannah, yet there are aspects of her character he cannot reconcile with. He resents her self-obsession and her neglect of him and how he’s doing. They’re perpetually falling in and out of love again.

Challenge… figuring himself out. Adam is a brooding alcoholic in recovery. He has difficulty expressing his emotions in a constructive way. He gets flustered or frustrated and turns to sex as a way to vent. He can be emotionally abusive and unstable to an alienating degree, then plays the victim once he’s finally abandoned.

Personality… an emotional fireball with an artistic temperament, taking everything to heart one minute and acting completely aloof the next. He can be passionate to a fault, at times seeming to have little control over himself.  He likes to follow his instincts though, and doesn’t let anything prevent him from being happy. As he puts it, “I know who I am. I wanted to switch majors, and buy a circular saw, and I promised myself that I’d follow my gut, no matter what. And I do what makes me feel good.”

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