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Living… with his best friends, Anders and Blake, in a house in Rancho Cucamonga. He basically sees his house as a place to throw parties that happens to have a bed in it. As long as there’s a roof to smoke and drink on, and neighbors to mess with, Adam is happy.

Profession… sales associate at TeleAmeriCorp. Adam brings his awkward nature to telemarketing with little success. He’s obnoxious to his coworkers, making loud personal calls, usually to invite people to his house after work.

Interests… practical jokes. Adam takes true pleasure in the embarrassment of others and will never pass up an opportunity to trick his friends or unsuspecting strangers. Anders is frequently a victim of these pranks, having once been tricked into sending Adam a very private photo.

Relationship Status… single, for reasons unknown to him. When he falls in love, he falls hard and fast. Luckily for Adam, he gets over it just as quickly. He pursues his boss Alice with zero success, but never stops trying. Much of his knowledge of the opposite sex comes from his father’s Penthouse collection, which explains a lot.

Challenge… keeping himself out of messes. Adam is the most likely of his friends to lose a ton of money and embarrass himself for life in the same night. His mouth is what gets him into trouble. He’ll make promises he can’t keep, boasts he can’t live up to, and flirtatious remarks he can’t follow up on. 

Personality… dorky and dim. He’s the most shameless of the group, willing to take a bit to its absolute limits just to one-up his friends. Adam is the perfect party buddy. He’s a malleable partier, versed in drinking games, various ways of consuming marijuana, and strategic taco truck locations. He might repel the ladies, but he always tries to have nothing less than the time of his life.

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