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Adam Cromwell


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Overview… a rich British businessman and playboy who is the “suitor” on this season of Everlasting, a reality competition dating show. Adam is given the task of selecting his wife among a number of beautiful contestants, all while cameras capture the action for an audience of millions. But, Adam isn’t in it for love – he’s just hoping that the publicity of the show will help him get rid of his bad-boy persona and improve his business ventures.

Personality… handsome, suave, and calculating. The producers of Everlasting are used to playing the contestants to get just the right drama to air. But, what they weren’t expecting was Adam, who is playing them just as much. He’s savvy to manipulations, and wants to make sure that he appears as likeable as he can be. However, old habits die hard, and his playboy tendencies might resurface once he feels the sparks with the show’s producer, Rachel.

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