Adam Braverman
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Adam Braverman


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About Him

Living... with his wife and two kids in Berkeley, California. Adam lives close to his parents and his three brothers and sisters. They’re an extremely tight-knit family who are always in each other’s business. Bravermans by marriage just don’t understand.

Profession... working for a shoe company – clocking in and out to provide for his family. He likes the stability. But when his brother Crosby finds an abandoned recording studio that needs fixing up, can he say no to such a wild opportunity?

Interests… baseball and his family. He’ll take in an A’s game or go to a concert, but the most important thing in Adam’s life is his family. His siblings look up to him for advice, and he tends to take on their problems as his own. But he knows they’ll always help him out too. 

Relationship Status... married to Kristina, a stay-at-home mom. She has started to work for a congressional campaign, which has lead to a few fights between them. But in the end, they love and support each other, and make the change work.

Challenge... helping his son Max who is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Max’s disability presents a series of challenges for the family. They have to hire a one-on-one aid, which puts the family under financial pressure as they save to put their older child Haddie through college. It’s not easy raising a son with a disability, but little moments, like when Max goes surfing with Adam, are small victories that feel much bigger.

Personality... easy-going, fun-loving, and quick to joke around. When he’s with his siblings and nieces and nephews, Adam’s always good-natured and humorous. He’s the textbook definition of a “good guy” even when that label is put to the test against various family crises. Adam is the go-to guy that his siblings will run to in times of trouble, and is always willing to impart his words of wisdom on his family: “Life will knock you down more times than you can possibly imagine. Don't knock yourself down.”


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