Ada Thorne

Ada Thorne

    Peaky Blinders

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in England at the turn of the twentieth century. Ada’s mother died young, and her father walked out, leaving her Aunt Polly to raise their family of five. Ada has four brothers, and as the only female Shelby, she mostly keeps to herself.

Living… in Birmingham, England. Ada’s brothers have recently returned from fighting in World War I and have formed a criminal gang led by her brother Tommy. 

Interests… movies, dresses, and living a normal life. All Ada has ever known is the life of gangsters and cruelty, but she wants something entirely different. Ada cares about helping people, and her brothers’ villainy weighs on her conscience. Her beliefs have led her to sympathize with the Irish Communists, an Irish revolutionary name Freddie Thorne in particular.

Relationship status… sneaking away with Freddie Thorne every chance she gets. Ada and Freddie have been in love for years, but the tension between Freddie and her brother Tommy keeps them from having a public relationship. When Ada discovers she is pregnant, she is elated. But when she realizes Tommy forced Freddie skip town, her world is turned upside down.

Challenge… deciding where her allegiances lie. Ada has never been comfortable in the confines of the Shelby walls; she discovered a new part of herself through her love for Freddie. When she is forced to choose between the love of her life and the family she has always known, the decision seems easy. However, the consequences of her choice could leave her penniless and alone, making her question what love really is. 

Personality… stubborn, feisty, and spirited. Ada morally disagrees with the family business, but is written off as a sensitive child. She usually has to cede to her older brothers, but never without a fight. Gaining her brothers’ respect is no easy task.


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