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Overview… the greatest warrior ever born. Achilles is a demigod, his mother an immortal goddess of water and his father a warrior-king. When the Mycenaean king Agamemnon unites the forces of Greece to sail across the Aegean and invade Troy, Achilles joins reluctantly, for he has no quarrel with Troy. He fights for no flag, no man but himself – he fights to fight, he fights for glory.

Personality… fearless, red-blooded, and defiant. Achilles is defiant even of the gods, whom he doesn’t believe worthy of his reverence. He lives freely, unconcerned with the opinions of others. Nowhere is he more free than on the battlefield, running ahead of the pack, eager to meet the enemy. Though Achilles does not fear death, he wants his name to be remembered for thousands of years, and he wants to be remembered on his own terms – not as a “tyrant’s mercenary.”

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