Abigail Williams
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Abigail Williams

The Crucible

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About Her

Overview… a young woman who has a whole town in her thrall. Abigail Williams is 17 years old, an orphan, and the former servant of John Proctor. He fired her, but Abigail knows that’s only temporary. Still, she’s angry – and she has a plan for getting back at everyone in Salem that’s offended her. All she has to do is fake a few fits, make up some visions, and point fingers. No one thinks straight once witchcraft is mentioned, and Abigail knows just how to use that to her advantage.

Personality… manipulative, accusatory, and imaginative. Abigail is able to coerce the other girls in Salem into following her bidding through a mix of threats, lies, and power trips. She’s obsessed with John Proctor, and hates Mrs. Proctor passionately. But there was at least a spark of tenderness in her at one point, enough to make a good man like John look on her with affection. Maybe the power she gained through the witchcraft trials was too much for her to resist.

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