Abigail Hill
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Abigail Hill

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Living... desperately, in the early 1700s in England.

Profession... scullery maid. Having lost her good standing when her father gambled her away in a game of whist, Abigail is desperate for any kind of work she can get. She visits her powerful cousin Sarah Churchill, who serves as the right-hand woman to Queen Anne. Sarah begrudgingly offers Abigail an unglamorous job as a scullery maid.

Interests... reading, and enjoying the finer things in life—not that she can get her hands on them much anymore.

Relationship Status... single. Abigail’s eligibility is her most powerful tool. If she plays her cards correctly, she could potentially marry a Lord and return herself to her status as a noblewoman. Her youth and beauty are two of her greatest assets, and Abigail isn’t afraid to use them.

Challenge... moving up in the world. Though Abigail gets her foot in the royal door as a scullery maid, she doesn’t intend to stay there. She begins making moves that could help her curry the Queen’s personal favor. She starts by creating an herbal remedy for Anne’s gout and grows bolder from there. Soon Abigail is caught up in a complex world of political, sexual, and interpersonal dynamics, including an intimate relationship with Queen Anne and an intense rivalry with Sarah.

Personality... outwardly sweet but inwardly cunning. Abigail is a naturally empathetic person, but she’s also smart enough to realize that she can use her sweet, gentle disposition to her advantage. She’s had to learn how to survive in a tough, unsupportive world, and the harshness she’s experienced has curdled her sense of optimism and trust. Abigail knows the only person she can truly count on is herself. As she puts it, “I must take control of my circumstance. I will need to act in a way that meets with the edges of my morality.” She has a keen knack for observing people, understanding what they want, and then molding her personality to fit their desires.

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