Aaron Green
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Aaron Green

Get Him to the Greek

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About Him

Living… in a small Los Angeles bungalow with his girlfriend, Daphne. Due to the hectic schedule of her medical residency, the two hardly see each other, and have to take advantage of every minute she’s at home.

Profession… talent scout at Pinnacle Records. Aaron got into the music business because he loves music, but is frustrated by how profit-driven his company is. Still, there’s nothing else he’d rather be doing, so he continues to slave away under his domineering boss, Sergio Roma.

Interests… music. While he’s not a musician, Aaron’s built his whole life around music. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of rock records. He stands up for real musicians who make real music. As he puts it: “That’s why we’re all in this business right? Cause we’re all fans.”

Relationship status… in an extremely committed relationship with his girlfriend Daphne Binks. The two live together and seem destined for marriage — at least they did before her medical residency. Now she’s always at work or too tired to go out. Things get even tougher when she gets a job offer in Seattle, prompting the possibility of a move that would require Aaron to give up his dreams of climbing higher in the record industry. He tells her, “What am I gonna do in Seattle? I feel like a 1950s housewife, like my dreams don’t matter right now.”

Challenge… getting the legendary rock star Aldous Snow from London to the Greek Theater in L.A. It’s the ten year anniversary of Aldous Snow’s original show at the Greek, a mythic rock and roll event that led to the release of one of the top selling live albums of all time. Unfortunately, the past ten years have not been kind to Mr. Snow, whose last album was declared the worst of the decade, prompting his slide into drug addiction.

Personality… mild-mannered and polite, Aaron doesn’t do well with confrontation. He’s the opposite of the cocky and totally uninhibited Aldous Snow. A sweetheart, Aaron doesn’t want to hurt anyone around him and tries to look out for Snow’s best interests even though the rock star seems dead-set on his self-destructive path. Aaron will test his own patience, physical endurance and drug tolerance as he tries to escort the uncontrollable Aldous Snow to Los Angeles on time, all in the name of rock and roll.

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