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About Him

Grew Up with very accomplished parents who he always felt pressured to impress with academic achievements. But he loves them, they’re great, really. In fact, maybe he put the pressure on himself. Please don’t tell them he said that.   

Living in a gorgeous, but simple, Manhattan apartment. He might be a rich doctor, but he’s still sensible about his money.   

Profession a famous sports doctor. When one of the greats needs surgery to save their career, they go to Dr. Connors. They trust him more than anyone else, which might be why he’s also, often, one of their best friends.  

Interests basketball, Billy Joel, and Doctors Without Borders. Aaron loves how sports bring people together, and he has a huge respect for athletes and their skills – and yes, that includes cheerleaders. He also performs every surgery while listening to “Uptown Girl,” and he genuinely loves helping people.  

Relationship Status single, technically, but he’s quite taken with the Amy, the blonde sports-hating journalist who has been assigned to write a magazine profile about him.  

Challenge dating someone who is not as emotionally available and mature as he is. Aaron doesn’t like to go to bed angry and he likes to talk things through; he’s not about playing games or the field – that’s for sports, not relationships.  

Personality sensitive, responsible, and generous. Aaron is the kind of guy who wants a girl to stay the night, and he always calls the next day. He loves his work, but that doesn’t mean he prioritizes it over his emotional relationship. His work-life balance is perfect, and he pretty much has it all figured out, at least until he meets Amy. 

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