Aaron Altman
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Aaron Altman

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About Him

Grew up... fast in South Boston. He graduated from high school two months shy of his fifteenth birthday.

Living... in Washington, D.C. in an apartment filled with books. When he’s at home, he often has French music playing.

Profession... reporter. Aaron has a lot of experience—he has even interviewed Gaddafi—and he truly cares about delivering high-quality stories. Despite that, he’s been getting less and less time in front of the camera. Apparently, the higher ups are not sure he's anchor material. The networks are even testing his face with focus groups.

Interests... traveling. His latest trip was to a jungle in Central America.

Relationship Status... not what he wants it to be. Aaron is in love with his best friend Jane, who is also his producer. As he says to her, “I would give anything if you were two people, so that I could call up the one who's my friend and tell her about the one that I like so much.” Worse yet, Jane seems to have fallen for his main rival, the handsome news anchor Tom.

Challenge... winning Jane over, and keeping his broadcasts about issues instead of gossip. Aaron tries to persuade Jane that Tom is no good, even calling him the Devil. Tom doesn’t have the education or experience to be a news anchor. But pretty-on-the-outside is be the name of the game these days, and Aaron can’t compete with the charismatic, good-looking, shallow Tom.

Personality... self-deprecating. As he says, " Wouldn't this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive? If ‘needy’ were a turn-on?" But Aaron is shortchanging himself. He is also witty, sensitive, and adventurous. While his efforts at the network aren’t always appreciated, he often has a clever comeback for those who doubt him out loud.

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