A.J. Frost
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A.J. Frost


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About Him

Living… in the middle of the ocean, working on oilrigs. He’s a driller with one of the best crews in the world.

Visiting… Houston, Texas, for intensive training. When extraordinary circumstances arise, A.J. is recruited by NASA and prepares to become an astronaut.

Profession… oil driller. A.J. has been working for Harry Stamper, the best deep-sea driller in the world, for “five wonderful years” (he says sarcastically). AJ has endured working with the brisk and intimidating Harry because he gets to be close to Harry’s daughter, Grace.

Relationship Status… in love with the unattainable Grace. Harry Stamper never liked A.J. to begin with—now that the rambunctious young man is dating Grace, he can’t seem to find peace with Harry.

Challenge… saving the world. A.J. is part of team recruited by NASA to destroy a deadly asteroid that’s headed straight for Earth. Harry Stamper’s team of drillers has to go into space, drill into the asteroid and blow it into shreds with nuclear weapons.

Personality… tumultuous, rebellious, and charming. Grace finds A.J.’s arrogance endearing, but the same quality only angers her father even more. “You know it’s all funny until someone gets shot in the leg!” A.J. says to Harry, who threatens him with a shotgun.

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