A.C. Slater
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A.C. Slater

Saved by the Bell

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About Him

Living… as an army brat, currently in the Palisades in Southern California. Slater is the most well-traveled of his peers, having been to Iceland, Berlin, Italy, and Bolivia. He’s never stayed in one place for too long, so he’s used to feeling like an outsider wherever he goes, including the Palisades.

Profession… student at Bayside High School. Slater arrived as a transfer student and immediately became rivals with the big man on campus, Zack Morris. 

Interests… sports. He has already cemented his position as the school’s star quarterback and wrestler. He also briefly become a chef and a ballet dancer. Slater also proves to be a competent enough drummer for the gang’s band, Zack Attack.

Relationship Status… dating Jessie Spano, which can be tempestuous. Slater’s definitely out of his mental depth with Jessie, an intelligent feminist with little patience for Slater’s silly misogynist jokes. He even calls her “Mama.” It’s almost like Slater knows Jessie is good for him, that she’ll force him to grow up, so he keeps testing her to see if she’ll dump him. He’s gotten in fights with her and over her – but they still keep going strong.

Challenge… turning the constant chip on his shoulder into a strength, not a weakness. Whatever situation he’s in, he’s in it to win it. That’s what led to his initial rivalry with Zack. They only became friends after they bonded over both having absent fathers. That might be the engine that keeps making Slater want to out-perform others.

Personality… charismatic. Slater loves a good time and a corny joke. He doesn't have the brightest mind, but he’s shown moments of genuine compassion. He’s a loyal friend – as long as you let him come out on top in any competition.

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