Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse

Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse

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This wasn't my life, to begin with, it wasn't my body either, but I inherited both and more from Mouse when she turned eleven years old.Who is Mouse? That's complicated, you see terrible things happened to Mouse, so she decided to simply stop growing up when she was eight. Her body aged but she didn't, and at eleven when something even more despicable happened Mouse froze herself in time leaving her life, body, and name to me.Mouse created me, she had created another life when she was four, so she knew how and I guess 'why me' is answered with the statement, because she could! That's what anyone with Dissociative Identity Disorder does.To this day Mouse remains an afraid and damaged young girl living in The Deep inside of us still wearing the clothes the abusers left her in. Don't worry, she isn't alone.My name is Jade, and I am an alternate personality, the main personality but an alternate none the less, and I live in this body with Mouse and eight other alters.Up until the 12th of October 2015, my inherited life was running just fine, yes, there were problems, nothing we couldn't all overcome and we had sunk into near middle age fat arsed complacency. For over twenty years there had been no more splitting, no one new until this day in October when Anne came along making her alter number ten.Anne shook us all up, no more cruising through day to day ignoring the hurt inside. Anne wants a resolution and is willing to work towards it.This book is the first part of Anne's and my journey in integrating Anne into her new life that was totally alien to her, it was her idea to write about it and both of our ideas to dedicate this book to Mouse. Our Frozen Mouse, the author of us all.


Release DateJan 31, 2017 (US)
Original LanguageEnglish
Author(s)William T Vollmann

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