Most Popular Characters

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Naota Nandaba

"You can't see the sky or stars. It's almost like outside of this town, nothing exists anymore."

Olive Hoover
Little Miss Sunshine

Irrepressible child beauty queen (or would-be queen) who doesn't play by your rules

Ben Linus

Mysterious member of The Others. He seems too smart to be stuck on an island without a reason

Sophia Burset
Orange Is The New Black

A stylist talented enough, she'll make you look good even in prison

Kate Beckett

A no-nonsense policewoman with a nerdy side

Gretchen Ross
Donnie Darko

Blunt but anxious, Gretchen bonds most easily with those who have lived tough lives like she has

Ezra Fitz
Pretty Little Liars

A young English teacher hounded by his own relationship mistakes

Rust Cohle
True Detective Season 1

This gifted detective is as dark and twisty as any murderer he chases