Most Popular Characters

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Suicide Squad

He's equally skilled at tossing boomerangs and tossing back beers

Davy Jones
Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl

This monstrous pirate captain is quite literally heartless

Kayla Day
Eighth Grade

Externally shy, but internally spirited Gucci!

John Nash
A Beautiful Mind

John's mind is both his biggest asset and his greatest enemy

Randy Marsh
South Park

Geologist and Nobel Prize winner who's into binge drinking, starting riots, the Food Network, and P.F. Chang’s


This elf loves smiling, eating sugar, and spreading Christmas cheer. And no matter what, he always sees the best in people

Enid Coleslaw
Ghost World

Cynical, judgmental, hipper-than-thou teen who wears her outsider status like a badge of honor

The Lion King

A strong lioness who's loyal to her friends

Darcy Lewis

Razor-sharp scientist studying things that science can't explain

Chris Chambers
Stand By Me

"Kids lose everything unless there's someone there to look out for them."