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Overview… one of the nicest dragons you’ll ever meet. Eragon's closest friend, Saphira is his confidant for the best and worst of times– who also happens to be a recent-hatched, giant dragon. Hatched by Eragon, she doesn't know much about the world, but she does know that she and Eragon are also in grave danger: Galbatorix, the power hungry ruler of Alagaesia, is determined to capture them for his own cruel purposes. Thus, Saphira and her Rider must flee to the Varden, a rebel force, for safety. It won’t be an easy journey.

Personality… understanding and compassionate. Saphira is young, but that doesn’t stop her from giving Eragon advice. She's always there to provide some choice words of wisdom or just a comforting embrace. The road to the Varden is fraught with danger, but together, Saphira and Eragon might just be strong enough to make it. 

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