Rachel Zane

Rachel Zane


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in New York City. Rachel has always had her father, Robert, watch her every move. He considers her beautiful, but he rarely describes her as intelligent or talented.

Profession... paralegal at Pearson Hardman. Normally, paralegals do not receive much credit for the work they do. With Rachel, however, she receives all-star treatment. Rachel knows how good she is, saying "I am pretty much a legal superhero."

Relationship Status... to be determined. Because of Rachel’s beauty, she receives the attention of many male suitors. Rachel, however, chooses to seek past that. What catches Rachel’s eyes, however, is men who seek to challenge her. Rachel wants to move up, and to do so independently, she needs a man to recognize her for what she is: talented.

Challenge... giving herself a break. Rachel will move mountains for the sake of her career. Her hard-working mentality, however, rarely gives her time to relax. She is so caught up in what she is supposed to do that she rarely checks up on herself. 

Personality... driven and caring. Rachel puts her heart in everything she does, proving the impossible in many situations. Whether it’s helping her boss Mike or proving her sexist father wrong, Rachel always manages to prove that she is limitless time and time again.


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