Oliver Queen / Arrow

Oliver Queen / Arrow

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a life of luxury in Starling City. Oliver’s father Robert owned the Queen Consolidated Company, which gave his family an exorbitant amount of wealth. As a result, Oliver lived the life of a billionaire playboy throughout his young adulthood, often engaging in reckless behavior.

Visiting… a deserted island in the North China Sea. Oliver was left stranded on Lian Yu Island when his father’s ship was shipwrecked. His father sacrificed himself for his son so that he might survive. Oliver spent five years on the island learning how to survive and avoiding the violent inhabitants he shared the island with.

Living… in Starling City. After being rescued from the island, Oliver returned home to his family, but he was a changed man. A lot of things changed back home while he was away, too: his mother remarried a man who is now the CEO of his father’s company, and Starling City has sunk into deep corruption and violence.

Profession… hooded vigilante. When Oliver saw the ruined state of Starling City, he knew it was his job to fix things. That was his father’s last dying wish for him: to right his past wrongs. After years of honing his survival instincts, strength, and archery skills on the island, Oliver dons a green hood and begins using his abilities to fight crime in the city.

Interests… justice. While the partying playboy Oliver used to love booze, fast cars, and one night stands with women, he’s turned his interests toward his training. He now spends his time doing pull-ups and practicing his archery skills, as well as obsessively hunting the people responsible for the corruption of his city.

Relationship Status… in shambles. Oliver hasn’t had the greatest track record with women. First, he started dating Laurel Lance, but when she asked him to commit to her, Oliver slept with another woman and got her pregnant. Then, he decided to sleep with Laurel’s sister Sara. When he was shipwrecked, Sara was lost at sea. He’s still mourning her death and can barely bring himself to look at Laurel.

Challenge… ridding Starling City of crime and atoning for his past sins. Oliver used to be a selfish, snobbish jerk and didn’t really care about anyone or anything besides partying. After his humbling years on the island, he decides to make amends for his past and for his father, who admitted before he died that he came by his wealth somewhat amorally. Using his father’s secret notebook filled with the names of corrupt men, Oliver hunts his prey in the city in order to bring some good to the impoverished streets.

Personality… detached, moral, and disciplined. After his life-changing experience on the island, Oliver sees the world a little more cynically than he did before. However, while he was on the island he learned how to be honorable and principled, which spurs his desire to deliver justice. Knowing that he was given a second chance a life, Oliver is willing to show mercy to even his most dangerous foes, but he won’t hesitate to defend himself or kill when it comes down to the wire. He’s dedicated his entire new life to the pursuit of justice, fearlessly and nobly protecting innocents from harm. 


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