Laurie Strode
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Laurie Strode


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About Her

Grew up… with the Strode family, who adopted her at the age of two, after her parents were killed in a car accident. Laurie came of age in total ignorance of the dark secrets that lay buried in her true past.

Living… in the leafy town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie lives a quiet and somewhat lonesome life, untroubled by the social pressures of her fellow students at Haddonfield High.

Profession… babysitter. Laurie’s friends poke fun at her by saying that she probably has a fortune stashed away from all her babysitting jobs. She prefers the company of sweet, innocent children to the insipid girls at her school.

Interests… books and art, particularly the painting of James Ensor. Laurie is far more advanced than other girls her age, who are mostly just concerned with gossip and boys.

Relationship Status… none. Laurie’s social life is dismal, and she’s yet to have much success with boys at Haddonfield High. As she explains to her friends, “Guys think I’m too smart.”

Challenge… uncovering the secrets of her past. Laurie has noticed some odd things as of late – she can sense that somebody is lurking in the shadows, stalking her. Who this man is and what he wants may hold the key to understanding her own history.

Personality… brainy, shy, and introverted. Laurie doesn’t get out much, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not brave. Laurie’s cerebral personality may not make her the life of the party, but it’s certainly helped her more general survival skills.

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