Jiao Long
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Jiao Long

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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About Her

Overview… an aristocrat’s daughter who wants more out of life. With her family, Jiao has been playing the role everyone expects of her: to be elegant, demure, and obedient. But beneath the embroidered silk gowns and layers of makeup, Jiao Long is a true warrior with the spirit and martial arts skills to prove it. All she wants is to escape from her duties, but she is going to have to battle her way to freedom and cross some powerful people while she’s at it.

Personality… feisty and petulant. Jiao is quick to anger and slow to acquiesce. She seeks independence and is willing to duel with anyone who tries to get in her way, no matter how good his or her intentions may be. Jiao Long is a highly capable warrior, but she lacks control. Too bad she also lacks the temperament to accept guidance. 

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