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About Her

Grew Up... lonely. At first, Hope’s early years were happy. She was raised by her loving scientist parents Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, who secretly worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. as the superheroes Ant-Man and the Wasp. But when Janet went off on a mission and never returned, everything changed. Hank shut down in grief and sent seven-year-old Hope off to boarding school.

Living... in San Francisco.

Profession... assistant to tech genius Darren Cross—or so it seems. Despite her strained relationship with her father (she even helped vote Hank out of his own company), Hope shares his fears about what could happen if his powerful Pym Particle technology ever fell into the wrong hands. While posing as the supportive right-hand woman to Hank’s protégé, Darren Cross, Hope is secretly working with her father to stop Darren from creating a shrinking super suit he plans to sell to nefarious forces.

Interests... martial arts and drive-in movies.

Relationship Status... single. Right now Hope is more focused on trying to save the world than on finding a date. And she couldn’t be less interested in Scott Lang, the hapless thief her father enlists to become the next Ant-Man. Of course, there is that old saying about how opposites attract…

Challenge... helping Scott Lang become a superhero—and maybe becoming one herself. Though Hope would love nothing more than to take up her dad’s superhero mantle, Hank is too worried about losing his daughter to let her use his Ant-Man suit. Instead, it’s Hope’s job to train Scott for the role. Hope puts all her efforts into getting the ill-prepared Scott ready, but that doesn’t stop her from pushing for what she really wants too. At one point she notes, “Okay, we can try this and when he fails, I'll do it myself.” However, even with Scott as the new Ant-Man, there’s still space for a new Wasp.

Personality... focused, determined, and no-nonsense. Hope doesn’t mince words and she tends to be fairly blunt about how she’s feeling. She doesn’t let her frustrations get the better of her, but she doesn’t feel the need to hide them either. Hope has had to work incredibly hard to get where she is and she knows her worth. She’s tough-as-nails in a battle of wits or fists, but she also has a strong sense of empathy too. Like her parents, Hope has the heart of a true hero.

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Hope van Dyne / Wasp
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