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Henry Spencer


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Living... in a run-down apartment in an even more ramshackle city. Living in a depressing building with his girlfriend, Mary X, Henry often finds himself wondering about the neighbors around him.   

Profession… stay-at-home dad. At least, that’s the situation for now. Henry never expected to be a father, and certainly not so quickly. But now that Mary's already given birth, he finds himself stuck helping taking care of their new 'child.'  

Interests… peace and quiet. Between Mary and her new baby, Henry's had enough of people screaming at him lately. But since calmness seems unlikely anytime soon, Henry spends his time either listening to the Lady in the Radiator's singing, or lusting after the Beautiful Girl Across the Hall.

Relationship Status… complicated. While Henry may declare, "I love Mary," their relationship has been going downhill for a while, and the stress of a new baby is only making things worse.

Challenge… taking care of his new child...baby...thing. Whatever Mary gave birth to, it certainly doesn't look human, that's for sure. Still, even if its face disgusts Henry and its screaming gives him increasingly surreal nightmares, it's still his child. So he has a duty to take care of it, right? Right?

Personality… timid and bewildered. Never much of a fighter, Henry's used to giving in to the needs of others, whether they happen to be his girlfriend, her parents, or his new "child." But even he only has so much patience. And as Henry’s world becomes more and more confusing, it starts to run out. 

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