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About Him

Living... in Brooklyn with his boyfriend and his collection of monochrome outfits. His life revolves around one thing: himself. When an old college acquaintance goes missing, he’s dragged into solving the mystery kicking and screaming.

Profession...founder of a questionable charity that delivers water bottles (and maybe water) to Africa. In between fundraising events and photo ops, he helps his friend Dory on her search for Chantal Winterbottom, a missing friend – acquaintance, really – from college.

Interests… fashion, gossip, and attention.

Relationship Status... dating a guy, but not really into it. Elliott has aspirations of greatness and an employee in a clothing store doesn’t match with the rest of the life he’s dressed himself in.

Challenge... dealing with allegations that he lied about having cancer as a child. Dory’s ex agrees to profile Elliott for New York magazine as he nears the launch of his charity. But with the spotlight on him, it’s not as easy to keep up the inspirational lie that he overcame cancer. Can he spin this terrible story into something less disgusting? A redemption narrative would be great for his brand.       

Personality... narcissistic, insensitive, and a compulsive liar. When he finds out Chantal has gone missing, he says “she sucked” but turns around and immediately tweets: “In shock. Sad news about a sweet girl. Keep an eye out.” He cares deeply about how others view him, and the most fashionable thing for a millennial to be in 2016 is a good person aware of troubles in the world. He’s happy to fake it.

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