Character Recommendations Based on Stiles Stilinski

Damon Salvatore The Vampire Diaries

He used to miss being human. Now he can't think of anything more miserable

Clarke Griffin The 100

A natural-born leader thrust into an impossible situation, Clarke is principled, dependable, and determined

Chuck Bass Gossip Girl

The charming and intelligent bad boy of the Upper East Side

Sookie Stackhouse True Blood

A waitress who can read minds and break hearts

Emily Fields Pretty Little Liars

Though athletic and popular, the sensitive Emily's heart is frequently broken

Tyler Gage Step Up

Troubled, aimless, and reckless, Tyler has raw talent but no real focus

John Tyree Dear John

He has survived heavy gunfire and aggressive enemy soldiers. But can he handle a pretty girl?

Bo Dennis Lost Girl

A succubus with a heart

Fiona Gallagher Shameless

A tenacious survivor, there's nothing Fiona wouldn't do for her family

Alison DiLaurentis Pretty Little Liars

Queen bee who traffics in secrets without giving away any of her own