Character Recommendations Based on Castiel

Olivia Benson Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Olivia brings order to a world full of chaos. And she never forgets who she's fighting for

Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider

Daring on a bike but haunted in his personal life, even Johnny Blaze isn’t fast enough to outride his past

Fish Mooney Gotham

An ambitious crime boss with some very big plans for the future

Robbie Turner Atonement

The humble son of a servant, surrounded by aristocrats

James T. Kirk Star Trek

He's more than ready to face the final frontier

Regina Mills Once Upon a Time

A cold evil queen turned chilly town mayor

Fiona Gallagher Shameless

A tenacious survivor, there's nothing Fiona wouldn't do for her family

Barbara Kean Gotham

Barbara is loving, selfless, and caring. But, she's less stable than she'd like to admit

Gregory House House M.D.

Bedside manner is for chumps, not the brilliant Dr. House

Melinda May Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A woman of few words and many talents. Most of them martial