Character Recommendations Based on Dipper Pines

Ishmael Moby Dick

A quiet observer on a larger-than-life quest

Ash Ketchum Pokemon

He's gotta catch 'em all

Gob Bluth Arrested Development

A self-absorbed magician with a temper. Just don't call his illusions "tricks"

Christopher Turk Scrubs

He's bringing his A-game to his next big challenge: becoming a surgeon

Garrett Thief

What is locked can be opened. What is hidden can be found. What is yours can be his

Samus Aran Metroid

She's a great galactic bounty hunter, not so great at expressing emotions

Razputin "Raz" Aquato Psychonauts

A talented kid psychic still learning to believe in himself


Quirky little romantic robot cleaning the wasteland known as Earth

Carl Fredricksen Up

A crotchety old man who may just have it in him to take one last, great adventure

Sly Cooper Sly Cooper

A sarcastic thief with a heart of gold