Character Recommendations Based on Storm

Britta Perry Community

Britta's never met a cause she couldn't passionately champion – at least for a little bit

Shawn Spencer Psych

A consummate schemer with a knack for solving mysteries. The problem is, Sean has trouble taking anything seriously

Casey Gardner Atypical

Her success in running has the attention of a nearby private school, which is turning her life upside down

Carl Gallagher Shameless

A budding psychopath fascinated with rule breaking

Sango Inuyasha

"Please, body, hold fast until I can complete my final task."

Anthy Himemiya Revolutionary Girl Utena

"I thought I was just the Rose Bride...just a doll without a heart. I could be abused to my master's content...because I thought I had no heart to be broken"

Japan Axis Powers Hetalia

"I, like a true Japanese man will say"I'll consider it" or"perhaps next time" or"we'll use discretion" and be as vague as possible!"

Ned Pushing Daisies

Kind, warm, and gifted with an all-powerful touch

Amy March Little Women

Blending her naturally artistic spirit with a sense of practicality

Celine Before Sunrise

Spontaneous Parisian college student enjoying the night of her life