Character Recommendations Based on Ariel

Puss In Boots Shrek 2

Suave, honorable ladies man/cat who's not above playing cute until you let down your guard

Jenna Rink 13 Going on 30

Physically 30, emotionally 13. But she has a better excuse than most

Annie Walker Bridesmaids

The frustrated maid of dishonor at her best friend's wedding

Jack Dawson Titanic

Jack is living for adventure and sailing for a better future

Fat Amy Pitch Perfect

Don’t get on her bad side or this audacious performer will finish you like a cheesecake

Noah Calhoun The Notebook

A brooding romantic, Noah never lets go of the things he believes in

Vada Sultenfuss My Girl

For Vada, it's hard to embrace growing up when you're obsessed with death

Belle Beauty and the Beast

Bookworm with a big heart and big ideas

Teddy Sanders Neighbors

Loves his frat brothers so much he might never leave school

Elizabeth Swann Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl

This adventurous governor's daughter would rather read about pirates than try on corsets