Character Recommendations Based on Ariel

Dory Finding Nemo

Dory is more than a little forgetful, but she'll always remember to have your back

Regina George Mean Girls

She's teen royalty. And anything the queen bee says, goes

Jane Tarzan

This fearless scientist won't let a mere shipwreck stop her

Sadness Inside Out

She's mostly doom and gloom, but you’d get nowhere without her

Mike Wazowski Monsters, Inc.

A goofball, but one devoted to his work and his best friend Sully

Vivian Ward Pretty Woman

A no-nonsense working girl with fairy-tale dreams

Carl Fredricksen Up

A crotchety old man who may just have it in him to take one last, great adventure

Tinkerbell Peter Pan

If you believe if fairies, you better believe in her

Frances Houseman Dirty Dancing

When it comes to dancing, nobody puts Baby in the corner

Jupiter Jones Jupiter Ascending

Humble, funny, and cool under pressure, Jupiter is more brave than even she realizes