Character Recommendations Based on Ariel

Shawn Spencer Psych

A consummate schemer with a knack for solving mysteries. The problem is, Sean has trouble taking anything seriously

Number Five The Umbrella Academy

A 58-year-old man trapped in his 13-year-old body

Max Rockatansky Mad Max: Fury Road

This pragmatic road warrior is just trying to survive in a world gone mad

Anne Cuthbert Anne With an E

Headstrong and imaginative orphan finds friends, community, family, and love

Maeve Wiley Sex Education

Smart teenager finding friendship and love in an expected place

Alan Turing The Imitation Game

A brilliant technical mind with a reclusive personality

Victor Van Dort Corpse Bride

"I will lift her sorrows. Her cup will never empty, for I will be her wine."

Mako The Legend of Korra

Carrying the world on his shoulders

Alyssa Foley The End of the F World

Blunt and crass teenage runaway