Character Recommendations Based on John Bender

Roger Kint The Usual Suspects

A nervous, weak, ham-handed criminal. We think

Jacob Palmer Crazy, Stupid Love

A suave womanizer who has turned seduction into a science

Ben Stone Knocked Up

Laid-back stoner who wasn't planning on life's ultimate responsibility

Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction

Fun-loving gangster's wife whose fun can go too far

Jim Stark Rebel Without A Cause

A teen torn apart by what the world asks of him

Mr. Blonde Reservoir Dogs

Out of jail and back in the heist game; still psychotic as ever

Amy Townsend Trainwreck

Rarely wakes up in the same bed twice

Terence Fletcher Whiplash

Whether you're rushing or dragging, he'll whip you into shape. Fletcher will accept nothing less than his perfect tempo

Aldous Snow Get Him to the Greek

One of the last members of a dying breed: A rock star who plays hard and parties harder

Frank N. Furter The Rocky Horror Picture Show

He's just a sweet transvestite – with some not-so-sweet plans