Character Recommendations Based on Sandy Olsen

Frances Houseman Dirty Dancing

When it comes to dancing, nobody puts Baby in the corner

Tracy Turnblad Hairspray

A big girl with even bigger dreams

Torrance Shipman Bring It On

This is not a democracy. It's a cheerocracy

Tyler Gage Step Up

Troubled, aimless, and reckless, Tyler has raw talent but no real focus

Amy Townsend Trainwreck

Rarely wakes up in the same bed twice

Sarah Ashburn The Heat

Sarah lives life "by the book" and has trouble getting along with anyone who doesn't do the same

Mike Lane Magic Mike

Magnetic, beefy, and street-smart, but how long can he keep up with the red-light scene?

Vivian Ward Pretty Woman

A no-nonsense working girl with fairy-tale dreams

Paige Collins The Vow

Formerly a "sweater-set-wearing, mojito-drinking sorority girl." Now, a successful sculptor

Marlena Rosenbluth Water for Elephants

Confidence in the limelight doesn't always translate to power at home